Unique and Intriguing Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics 2019

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Why Pick Controversial Persuasive Essay Topics for Debate and Writing

In the world we are living we are surrounded by mystery theories that are given by various groups of people. Some subject is full of the controversy thus making them controversial on the public domain because everyone has a different interpretation of them. At times it even hard to change ones’ opinion or perspective toward a particular subject. There are those who intensively cling to their beliefs than others and it problematic to change them. What makes an issue controversial is its aspect of remaining disputable for a certain period as well as the effectiveness of that disputes on people. Some disagreements can last for generations without having a current agreement while others are agreed upon in a short time. In this piece, we have compiled good controversial essay topics that you can use for your debate or writing assignment. All these subjects are well thought and crafted to entice the readers interest.

One objective of invoking a controversial topic is to lure the target audience in discussing the subject as well as letting individuals give their opinion on the matter. Irregardless of how much to try to persuade some people, they will not change their views and advice about an issue. No matter how much you try, you should never be discouraged in convincing them. In fact, you don’t expect to change a personal belief overnight. However, the more you persuade them through a clear point of view they will eventually get aware of your meaning, and when it is starting dawning to them what you mean is sensible, they will understand the issue.

Therefore, when tackling controversial topics, you should show boldness and sincerity. In addition to that, you should have confidence in whatever you are stating. Your argument should be relevant and well researched to avoid getting challenged with facts. However, when presenting your strong points, you should be aware that there are sensitive areas that can offend your readers thus creating opinion hostility and consequently a bigger controversy. In this article, we have highlighted some interesting, controversial issues essay topics and ideas that you can discuss with your peers

Tips on Choosing Exciting Controversial Topics For Essay

Whenever you are assigned an essay that doesn’t specify the topic to write about, it might be challenging to come up with an idea instantly. You should therefore relax and brainstorm to find a suitable item. First, you should consider an exciting issue, one that will not present boredom to your readers as well one that will excite them to want to read more. Your idea should also be supported with relevant facts and evidence. If you are choosing from a list of controversial topics for a persuasive essay ensure that your subject is not biased.

Here is a list of some controversial argument essay topics that will impress your teacher and subsequently fetches you a better grade.

  • Child adoption among homosexual families
  • Should abortion be prohibited or allowed or should the decision to abort be given to women or state?
  • Did Russia interfere USA Presidential election
  • Is building borders the solution to illegal immigration
  • Will Brexit succeed
  • Do GMO products provide a solution to environmental conservation?
  • Does the Huawei company obtain personal data from Us citizens?
  • Is the trade war beneficial to both China and the US?
  • Should human cloning be legalized
  • Does AI create machines that will colonize humanity
  • Did the Americans win the Vietnam War?
  • Should online company comply with giving the amount of personal data they have?